Call and Response: Art as Resistance

© Gioncarlo Valentine

© Gioncarlo Valentine

Call and Response: Art as Resistance
Presented by Strange Fire Collective

January 20, 2018 |  6:30PM

Photographic Center Northwest
900 12th Avenue, Seattle WA 98122

Join us for a public slideshow and spoken word night curated by Strange Fire Collective, to coincide with the one-year anniversary of the inauguration of the current administration. Call and Response: Art as Resistance features over 100 photographs by artists from 17 countries, in response to the current social and political climate in the United States. This event will spotlight women, people of color, and queer and trans artists.

Curated from our first open call for work, Call and Response: Art as Resistance features artists from 17 countries making work in response to the current social and political climate in the United States. This exhibition was first presented in collaboration with the Center for Fine Art Photography, Colorado Photographic Arts Center and Month of Photography Denver. 

The Opening Reception Slide Show was generously hosted by Syntax Physic Opera on March 31, 2017, from during the Month of Photography Denver. See video footage here from the opening reception.

A second presentation of this slideshow will be presented at the Photographic Center Northwest in Seattle, to coincide with the one-year anniversary of the 2017 presidential inauguration. Musicians and spoken word artists will perform alongside the image projections. The Seattle event is made possible thanks to the Seattle Office of Arts and Culture.

Above: Event in Seattle

Above: Event in Denver

Featured Artists: Adam David Bencomo, Adriana Yvette Monsalve, Amak Mahmoodian, Amelia Eskenazi, Amy Bassin, André Kirchner, Angélica C. Ekeke, Anna Rotty, Anton Shebtko, B. Proud, Barbara Ciurej & Lindsay Lochman, Berette Macaulay, Bridget Keely, Camille Valbusa, Caroline Federle, Charles Pratt, Claire A. Warden, Courteney Garvin, Daniel J. Chung, David Coons, Doris Jongerius, Dorota Kozerska, Eileen W. Cho, Enrique Landgrave, Erick Antonio Benitez, Estefani Mercedes, Evie Metz, Fazilat Soukhakian, Frankie Toan, Gioncarlo Valentine, Greg S. Bal, Hailee Potter, Haus des Rodriguez, Hellen Guadence, Hormoz, Jasmine Escalante, Jessica Owens, Jin Hee Leeza Lee, Joan Lobis Brown, Johanna Warwick, Julia Fletcher, Julia Gunther, Kaira Peyton, Kayla Magers, Kei Ito, Kelsy Gosset, Kevin B. Jones, Kris Graves, Kristen Anahit Cass, Kristen Emack, Kristina Smith, Lainey Karissa Koch, Lauren Zaknoun, Laurinda Stockwell, Leslie Hall Brown, Leslie Tucker, Lorena Endara, Madison Moore, Manda Quevedo, Marc Ohrem-Leclef, Margo Ovcharenko, Mariana Vieira, Marianne Evans-Lombe, Marico Fayre, Marilyn Montufar, Megan E. Doherty, Megan Magill, Melanie Metz, Melissa Borman, Michael Darough, Mikael Owunna, Morgan Ford Willingham, Oriana Koren, Patricia Silvia, Rachel Barrett, Rachel Reynolds, Rae Baitx, Raymond Dakoua, Ronda Stone, Safi Alia Shabaik, Sarah Belclaire, Sarah Boccolucci, Sarah Lazure, Serrah Russell, Shana Cordon, Shanna Merola, Shawn Rowe, Taranita Costales, Tod Bradley, Tony Ortega, Tuba Köymen, Taylor Yocom, Vanessa Palafox, Vicky Boylan, Yael Ben-Zion, Yael Eban,